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12 Candles
One of moi two first RPs. It's technically a dark RP, I suppose, but it hasn't quite gotten to that part as o' now. >.>;;; The first episode was pretty much my first attempt at a "larger" mixing project, so although it's not the greatest, moi cast is lovely so at the very least listen to appreciate them! (Minus me.)

Dalia - Mizura
Ferzin - Clym
Mysterious Man - Manami (Ep. 1)
Kaires - Edwyn (Ep. 1, 5+)/Ellonia (Ep. 2-4)
Talen - mryams
Amber - Setsuna (Ep. 1-2)
Metallique - Battousai (Ep. 1-5)
Amith - topleka
Linn - Ayame
Dalia's Mother - Manami (Ep. 3, 6)
Dalia's Father - shadowsvoice (Ep. 3)
Announcer - Mizura (Ep. 4)
Elder - Sparf (Ep. 4)
Topaz - kabi sama/Fluffs (Ep. 5-6)
Ruby - Ayame (Ep. 6)
Linn's Mother - ..Humanoid.Typhoon.. (Ep. 6)
Man - Evil Guru Dood (Ep. 6)/Sparf (Ep. 8)
Woman - ..Humanoid.Typhoon.. (Ep. 6+)
Fortune Teller - Chrnogirl (Ep. 7)
Grandmother - Manami (Ep. 7)
Girl - Lestathunt (Ep. 7)
Guy - Manami (Ep. 7)
Cain - Evil Guru Dood (Ep. 7)
Itil - Haushinka (Ep. 9+)
Sapphire - Chinomi (Ep. 9+)

Episode one, part one
Episode one, part two
Episode two, part one
Episode two, part two
Episode three, part one
Episode three, part two
Outtakes: Ep 1-3
Episode four, part one
Episode four, part two
Episode five, part one
Episode five, part two
Outtakes: Ep 4-5
Episode six, part one
Episode six, part two
Episode seven, part one
Episode seven, part two
Outtakes: Ep 6-7
Episode eight, part one
Episode eight, part two
Episode nine, part one (Finished 11/26/2005)
Episode nine, part two (Finished 1/2/2006)

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